Balayage in Barnet

Balayage is a game-changer when it comes to hairstyle in women. Currently, this is the most trending style amongst celebrities. You should know that Balayage means to ‘sweep’ or ‘paint’. When going for balayage, hairstylists ensure that your hair looks sun-kissed natural just like the one you had when you were a child. Further, the perfect balayage should focus on close and tender roots leading to thicker highlight at the ends of your hair. When going for our hair balayage in Barnet, we apply on the surface of the section, we also ensure it is not saturated through the section, else the colour won’t make your hair look natural and soft.

Balayage is a complicated process so it is always better to go with the experts. It is more than just the traditional colouration method. A mixture of colours will bring the upmost best through your hair.. This method allows you to experience various highlights and tones to add depth. However, most of the clients go with dark and lighter tones. Meanwhile, people like to go with both due to the natural look and low maintenace that it has to offer rather than the streaked highlights.

Is Balayage Better than any Other

These days hardly anybody goes for foil highlights. In fact, Balayage has merged with other styles including ombre and balayage or babylights and balayage. As it is hand-painted, the colourist can choose the colour placement that complements your haircut, skin and other features. Likewise, getting a balayage is is such an enhancement to any hair style. It also grows out beautifully, now what that means is you need less maintenance and far lesser appointments.

Things you should do Before Getting Balayage

Consultation is the first thing that you really need to do. You can book for consultation at our hair salon in Hertfordshire at your earliest convenience. You get numerous options before you go for the service. Likewise, we offer excellent colour combinations to apply in your hair. Our expert colourist assists you to choose intimate shades that will compliment your hair and skin tone.. Some of the popular types of balayage include:

The New Yorker
Takes hardly 15 minutes, these are super quick highlights. Here, the roots are touched which makes it look effortless.

The Rio
Done in 30 minutes, contours your hair by parting and touching the roots.

The Londoner
Roots are kept untouched. Moreover, it’s a creative balayage and looks cool and lived-in.

The LA
This adds up blondeness with super combination with root touch around the face

The California
It adds a gorgeous low maintenance colour to take you any weather. It starts with heavy and grows out into a lived-in finish.

Balayage can be done with any colour as it is a highlighting and hair painting technique. Even ladies with short hair can go for the balayage at our salon in Hertfordshire. Moreover, the flow of colour will blend with your hair perfectly when it is short.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does Balayage Works?

Answer: Balayage is a form of dyeing that focuses on natural-looking highlights. When doing so, the colour is swept through a board or foil, resulting in highlights.

​2) How Long does a Normal Balayage Lasts?

Answer: Lasting of balayage depends upon the way you take care of your hair. A normal balayage may last up to four months. It is a low maintenance technique which has the most beautiful blend and effects, which makes this service so popular today.

​​3) Does Balayage Works on Grey Hair?

Answer: Yes, balayage is a smart solution to cover your grey hair, although this may vary to each individual.